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Why should I work hard? Why should I struggle? Why should I put myself into any difficulty for the sake of any other person?

These questions, and our answers to them, are the basis for our entire approach
(motivation level) to work.

Prajnasya murkhasya ca karye-yoge
Samatvam-abhyeti tanur na buddhih

“When any […]

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A career focussed on Aspirations alone, ‘What I will get’, ‘where I will reach’, etc. is an empty career. It is such a career that must depend upon networking, ‘contacts’, presentation skills only, etc. It leads to a certain uni-dimensional evaluation of the world in terms of external measures such as money, status, position, etc.


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‘Becoming’ generates hope, possibilities, competence.
Becoming is a space of aspiration and not a space of desperation.

We have to see for ourselves what becoming means.
We have to perceive what the full scope of the word becoming is.
Then everything will change..

Do I want to become?

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‘Be-do-have’ is a framework that people commonly use to measure their life.

Mostly people operate from either a ‘doing’ identity, or ‘having’ identity; i.e.I am good because I have this job. ‘Doing’ identity is I am good because I do this work. However these identities lock you up. If my identity is in ‘have’ then I get locked […]

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If we offer broad clusters of careers, then career choice-making  is about looking at options and selecting from them. The problem is that this choice is not possible analytically – it is possible only by seeing a “model of living” and deciding whether you like it or not. This choice is about deciding the life […]

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People assume that career choice-making is a linear choice.  But it is actually a reflexive framework. It is both a subjective and an objective reality that is constantly talking to each other.

The “career-design” model actually engages and presents this subjective-objective reality together. It is a completely different logic of seeing life than seeing the way careers […]

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The i-become vision

On December 3, 2009 By

The i-become vision at the core is about an individual who sees life as becoming rather than having and doing. It is a fundamentally new vision of a human life.

Erich Fromm, in his book “To have or to be” (1976), has done a complete philosophical argument on this subject and I recommend that one […]

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Career Design is about freedom.
Freedom to choose the right for growth.
Freedom to fulfill one’s dreams.
Freedom to be oneself.

This freedom is not easily obtained.

To attain this freedom a student has to go far beyond aptitude tests and lists of colleges and Universities.

To attain this freedom, an individual […]

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There are fundamental changes that can take place in the way people think of their careers.

A simple example – In most systems people take a “skill” and at the most an “attitude” view of things. This is what the current notion of competence is. The most common model in use is K-S-A (Knowledge-Skill-Attitude).

However, […]

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What is Self-transformation?

On November 25, 2009 By

Self Transformation represents man’s capacity to “evolve” through experiences, reflection, feedback and guidance.

To evolve means to change one’s mind set, deep rooted habits, deeply held opinion/belief, style of engagement, identity description in a positive and conscious manner.

(Original Version – June 2009)

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