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To bring about contribution thinking, the first and most important thing is to bring about visibility.

Visibility is a more contexted version of vision sharing. Vision sharing is strategy level work, but in the day to day warp and weft of one’s action what one needs is not vision but visibility – i.e. the link […]

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One of the key factors that affects motivation of people for work is visibility.

Visibility is not equal to knowledge.
“Knowledge of “and ” visibility into” are two different things.

Visibility means, one has to have a perception into the kind of issues one is solving, see into the kinds of struggles (both […]

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There is a fundamental challenge that we have identified through our research, called a “career visibility” challenge. This visibility challenge manifests itself inside the company, in the engagement, and on the other side with respect to the people who are there.Within the company, in terms of people not having visibility into how their lives will […]

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“Life Maps” are valuable in helping you to appreciate that things change. It helps you plan for it, acclimatize for it, deal with it in much better ways (like financial planning). If you have to plan for that period, you should actually organize for say that ‘full-nest’ period -when your expenses are very high. At […]

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What is the outcome of visibility? What should be the shift the student goes through because of the visibility programs?

One of outcomes is that it will help students organize and focus their energies.

Does visibility result in focused energies? There are so many possibilities open – it is important to invest your energies effectively. […]

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The concern is not about opportunities – there are infinite opportunities out there. The concern is “visibility”.

People understand lots of opportunities, but have zero visibility into those careers. An engineer should get a “visibility” into that career. Our core product is “visibility” and not “opportunity”.

There is “opportunity” and there is “aspiration” – “visibility” […]

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