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‘Becoming’ generates hope, possibilities, competence.
Becoming is a space of aspiration and not a space of desperation.

We have to see for ourselves what becoming means.
We have to perceive what the full scope of the word becoming is.
Then everything will change..

Do I want to become?

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‘Be-do-have’ is a framework that people commonly use to measure their life.

Mostly people operate from either a ‘doing’ identity, or ‘having’ identity; i.e.I am good because I have this job. ‘Doing’ identity is I am good because I do this work. However these identities lock you up. If my identity is in ‘have’ then I get locked […]

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The two faces of becoming..

On December 8, 2009 By

Becoming has two meanings, outward becoming and inward becoming.

There is no outward becoming without inward becoming.

(original version 26th Nov 2009)

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A person who embarks on a journey of becoming sees the world differently – …views “i-becoming” as the primary mode of expression … views his/her own identity as “work in progress” … views life as an evolutionary roadmap …views his/her career as a space of contribution

(original version, 2008)

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