‘Becoming’ generates hope, possibilities, competence.
Becoming is a space of aspiration and not a space of desperation.

We have to see for ourselves what becoming means.
We have to perceive what the full scope of the word becoming is.
Then everything will change..

Do I want to become?
That is the question each one of us must ask ourselves.

What does becoming mean?
I don’t want to just ‘do’ and ‘have’ all the time.
I want to become as a human being; I want to become a larger human being.

Am I my salary … no!
Am I my job description or role … no!
Then…Who am I?

I am what I can become!
Each one of us has to answer the question – who am I?
Becoming has to be seen as an answer to oneself.
Each one of us has to truly go deep within and experience this becoming in ourselves.

i-become is a visioning of a new state!

(Original version 10th December 2009)

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