Why develop contributors?

A contributor is an individual who seeks and aspires to contribute – to self, to organization, and to society. Such an individual is able to lead a life of fulfillment and increasing self-esteem. As a reward, contributors are also more valued and honoured by others.

The ‘contributor ideal’ is integral to the Indian tradition, and alive in our society. Every organization has at least 5-7% of its individuals who are constantly striving to make a difference to themselves, their teams, their companies, their customers, and society at large.

But we need more contributors who are conscious of their contribution – in educational institutions, in the government, in corporates, and in society.

More contributors implies – projects that get completed on time and to cost, services which work efficiently, systems which are less corrupt, businesses which are efficient and conscious of their role in society, and a society which translates its resources and investment into real improvement in the lives of individuals.

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