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There are three critical shifts that take place when we shift from ‘performing’ to ‘contributing’.

The first shift: “How I measure?”
In performance, one measures through ‘evaluation’; it is about ‘evaluating’ and ‘sifting’. In contribution, one measures through ‘evolution’; it is about ‘diagnosing’ and ‘evolving’. This allows […]

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To create Value is to create ‘human impact’, ‘functional impact’ and ‘larger impact’.

Consider the following scenarios:

First, suppose one creates only functional impact, (achieving results, at the cost of human beings), then ultimatley, one destroys value. This happens typically when people are only process-oriented/ function-oriented. They kill […]

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Purpose may take on many forms. For example, on one hand, it may be in the form of a specific externally-driven outcome, such as a target in a company. On the other hand, it may be a very deep inner purpose, such as working for the good of society.

The deeper […]

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What is the difference between ‘doing’ and ‘taking responsibility’? The work is the same. What happens differently?

When one takes on responsibility, a big shift takes place. The activity being the same, the vision of it changes.

In reality, there is a sense of responsibility at the core, and […]

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A ‘static” thinking practice is to think in terms of “be, do and have” – What do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I want to have?

A ‘dynamic’ practice is to think in terms of – what is my “role” and what is my “contribution in that role”.


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One has to move from ‘work’ to ‘contribution’.
Contribution is a different dimension from work.

Just working hard does not get you anywhere. Work does not automatically lead to anything. Through contribution you transform and bloom. Otherwise, what is lost is your destiny!

You realize that if you reject ‘hard work’ it leads you […]

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An aviation engineer can either see himself as an “engineer” or he could see himself as being responsible for the safety of all the passengers in the plane.

When he sees himself as responsible for safety, it has re-defined his job from an “activity” to a “responsibility and a deep sense of contribution”.

In this […]

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