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A career focussed on Aspirations alone, ‘What I will get’, ‘where I will reach’, etc. is an empty career. It is such a career that must depend upon networking, ‘contacts’, presentation skills only, etc. It leads to a certain uni-dimensional evaluation of the world in terms of external measures such as money, status, position, etc.


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People assume that career choice-making is a linear choice.  But it is actually a reflexive framework. It is both a subjective and an objective reality that is constantly talking to each other.

The “career-design” model actually engages and presents this subjective-objective reality together. It is a completely different logic of seeing life than seeing the way careers […]

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Career Design is about freedom.
Freedom to choose the right for growth.
Freedom to fulfill one’s dreams.
Freedom to be oneself.

This freedom is not easily obtained.

To attain this freedom a student has to go far beyond aptitude tests and lists of colleges and Universities.

To attain this freedom, an individual […]

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Career Design then involves the dynamic interplay between our own aspirations and capabilities, wherein we are neither slave to our own whims and delusions of extraordinary talents nor are we slave to the world and its simplistic, and often de-humanizing, metrics of success.

(extract of “From Career Counseling to Career Design“, V. […]

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“Career Design” is the science of developing one’s life choices and paths in such a way as to be fully satisfied and fulfilled at every stage of one’s life.

Is Career Design the same as obtaining a high paying job? Yes, if the high paying job is important to you because of what you can […]

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