Books on Contributorship

On Contributors

Every organisation, team, and even family needs a contributor. Contributors enable goals to happen. They make a difference to themselves, the people around them, and society at large. Contributors are valuable.

This book proposes that we consciously recognise contributors, look out for them in our recruitment and team-building processes and thereby encourage even more people in our society to become contributors.

Building contributors in society – the role of NGOs and intervention agencies

Building contributors is a high leverage intervention in society. It is about intervening to solve the problem of mindset- a knowledge failure in society.

Exploring the Science of Contribution

A real knowledge revolution will change the way we think – the way we think about things, the way we approach life, the way we engage with society, and now it is possible to do it in a systematic, scientific and scalable way.

Through this book explore the science and practice of contribution.

Designing a Contributive Society

This book outlines the vision of a contributive society and how the increasing technological advancements in our lives necessitate the move towards it. It also proposes certain key shifts which an individual can make to actualize the above goal.

This book is a compilation of the lecture titled “Designing a Contributive Society”, delivered by Mr. V. Srinivas for the Shri Dewang Mehta Memorial Lecture 2011 organized by NASSCOM.

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