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Contributors have both human values as well as functional effectiveness – They get the job done, but also do it the ‘right way’. A person, who has values but no effectiveness, is not useful. A person, who is very effective but doesn’t have values, is a very dangerous person.

How are contributors […]

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There are some people who are ‘natural’ in what they do. There is nothing forced, nothing artificial, because their being is flowing into function.  For example, with Sachin Tendulkar: very often they say he is playing in ‘flow’. The word flow means that his ‘being is flowing into function’ (refer being […]

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It is possible for me to fulfill my vision of success only by answering the question: “How do I get there?” The answer to this question is essentially my vision of career.

The current vision of career is always some form of external growth – whether […]

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At the heart of contributorship, lies subservience to purpose.

For example, take the case of a person who may be very trustworthy, but cannot serve the purpose and act with integrity to that purpose in a way such that the purpose is greater than his/her ego. Such a […]

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If I define myself in terms of ‘what I do’, it locks me up into structures, hierarchies; into what the world is defining. While if I start defining myself at a deeper level, in terms of  ‘who am I’, I am able to define myself in ways that give me meaning, satisfaction, and […]

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In society, we may find contributors at different stages of their journey:

Stage 1: Functional Excellence
Some people are contributors at a ‘functional level’, where they ‘contribute by achieving excellence in their work or in their field’. For example, Roger Federer has the purpose of reaching the […]

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In an activity, the focus is on ‘task’, ‘process’, and sometimes even ‘deliverables’. On the other hand, in contribution, the focus is on meeting the ‘human outcome’ by designing solutions to challenges that come along the way.

Very often you will find that in service-based organizations, people are […]

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Defining work in terms of “challenge-response cycles” is the filter we can use to separate ‘workers’ from ‘contributors’.


In this audio byte Srinivas starts with a standard job description (a J.D. – which mostly describes a job as a series of activities to be done ).

He then goes on to show how work has to […]

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The difference between a contributor and a worker


In this audio byte, Srinivas describes what distinguishes contributors from workers. You can listen to it here:

(Originally part of a talk addressed to HR consultants and practitioners, in the first i-become Forum held in Mumbai in April 2008)

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By contributor we  mean someone who keeps the goals of the organization at the center and still remains creative.

It is not a person who decides to be so creative that he steps out of bounds and questions everything – ending up with no strategy.  Nor is it someone who is a blind follower and […]

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