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A key building block  is the “spirit of scientific inquiry” not just at the level of academia and research but also at the level of students and interested common citizens all over the country.

The ‘spirit of scientific inquiry’ is developed not through rote learning or ‘passive observation’ of a visually appealing show, but through […]

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If we offer broad clusters, it is about looking at options and selecting from them. The problem is that this choice is not possible analytically – it is possible only by seeing a “model of living” and deciding whether you like it or not. This choice is about deciding the life he/she wants to live, […]

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There is a fundamental challenge that we have identified through our research, called a “career visibility” challenge. This visibility challenge manifests itself inside the company, in the engagement, and on the other side with respect to the people who are there.Within the company, in terms of people not having visibility into how their lives will […]

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The center is the individual

On December 5, 2008 By

There is a significance of the word “I-Become”. “I” – the center is the individual. The center is not the company or the institution. The purpose of both “education” and “working” comes together when people are “becoming”, when they are “evolving”, when work translates into some growth in that human being.

So the significance of […]

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There is a need to see careers at one level deeper than simply entrance tests. For some people, careers becomes a space for contribution and meaning-making but that is not true for 95% of the population.

One of the reasons why that is not happening is because there is a fundamental re-interpretation of roles needed. […]

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If I don’t respect myself, how can I respect any other person. There is no human being who can not respect himself / herself and truly respect somebody else. There may be fear or awe but not respect. If you fundamentally do not believe in yourself or for the value you stand for, you will […]

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Instead of offering advise, we need to ‘show’ the space.

Showing the space is also showing the boundary within which you have freedom. The boundaries are defined by our purpose. It is a functional relationship.

For example – if you want good marks (your purpose), you need to study for the exam. And then you […]

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Currently, students think of easy options in careers. Working towards possibilities in a career space may force them to open their minds towards new options. It will force them to think differently from the stereotypical thinking. It will enable him to break from that mould.

The possibilities can also encompass ‘negative’ possibilities. We should be […]

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Industry itself does not provide graduates with a vision for their life.

Twenty years ago, an earlier generation pretty much knew what they were going to do with themselves – that they are going to join a particular company and they are going to spend the next twenty years there.

Today when people join IT, […]

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Can people be enabled to see their careers in completely new ways?

For example, an engineer who is joining a manufacturing firm today, understands that he will slowly rise to plant manager and maybe finally technical director. Before that he will be on the shop floor, then a supervisor for 20-30 years. This is one vision of his work. 


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