A career focussed on Aspirations alone, ‘What I will get’, ‘where I will reach’, etc. is an empty career. It is such a career that must depend upon networking, ‘contacts’, presentation skills only, etc. It leads to a certain uni-dimensional evaluation of the world in terms of external measures such as money, status, position, etc.

A career focussed on Capabilities alone, ‘What can I do’, what talents I have’, ‘what I am interested in’, etc. is also an empty career. In such a career, there is an inordinate self righteous importance given to our own, sometimes very passing likes and dislikes, in terms of what we do. It also leads to a basic impracticality in action because it is so ‘I’ centered.

A truly rewarding career is one in which the apparent dichotomy between Aspirations and Capabilities are resolved into a new framework where we are constantly mapping the two in the context of every opportunity.

(extract of “From Career Counseling to Career Design“, V. Srinivas, July 2003)