If we offer broad clusters of careers, then career choice-making  is about looking at options and selecting from them. The problem is that this choice is not possible analytically – it is possible only by seeing a “model of living” and deciding whether you like it or not. This choice is about deciding the life he/she wants to live, choosing it, and living it.

Very few people construct a whole new model of a career. If you have to construct a model, then you have to spend years actually constructing it. Hence, most people look at existing career models. Also, the HR way of looking at this career choice in terms of – “X percent are looking at this much salary” etc. does not really work.

Can we make a statement that many of these engineering companies, Siemens, L&T etc. all have the same career model? There may be small differences, but all of them can be clubbed together as one career model.

You need to propose some career models to the people. Show career-seekers that “this might happen to you”.

Offer them the possibilities.

(original version – 2007)

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