How did America create its great universities? Through endowments.  That too was high leverage money. That money went into endowments and endowments went into research. That research went into profound contributions and then it came back into society. That was the cycle and that was why that money had such a multiplier effect on society.

Creating contributors is a high leverage intervention in society. It is not an NGO’s work, not a ‘giving’ kind of model. It is actually just intervening and solving a knowledge failure in society – the problem of mindset. This involves going deeper than the physical failure. All these physical failures are sitting at the knowledge level. It is about solving a deeper failure of ‘ideals’. A crisis of ideals is what it comes to.

Contribution is about telling people, “just go to your office and do a good job. Do your duty well. Give your contribution in your day to day work. Use your little role. If you are a bank branch manager, be a brilliant branch manager. If you are cobbler, be a better cobbler. If you are a watchman, be a better watchman.”

That is how the society will change. That is the vision for a society. How long can people be given ‘intravenously’?