Why is there e.g. a corrupt police force, a corrupt judiciary, with people behaving in whatever way they please? Why are there so many failures everywhere?

At the heart of the whole thing is the fact that we are an acquisitive society. There is a deep belief that one has to take from society but not give back. There is a contribution failure at the heart of society.  

Society cannot be run by philanthropists. Sometimes a positive payoff happens even when one does capacity building in people. But when one pours energy into human beings, into creating contributors, the payoff will be much faster, because it is about mindset shifts.

There is an urgent need to make contributors out of policymakers, decision makers, and the youth. It does not matter even if none of them does charity in their life, he must do a good day’s work in office. That will unleash a productivity revolution in our country.

Contributorship has to be understood very deeply. It is not an ordinary philosophy. It is a generative philosophy. The objective is to make him contribute. He should ‘give’, give in the course of his day-to-day work.

When one focuses on the contribution attitude, one forces the person in the direction of giving. If one engages only at the level of functional skills, capacities, he may or may not contribute.

What else does one see in society? Everywhere there is a failure of contribution in society: a failure in doing day’s work well; of not having purpose in day-to-day work. There is complete dishonesty everywhere. That dishonesty is a deeper dishonesty, because there is no purpose in that work. It is only about, “How do I aggrandize myself, how do I make myself richer?”

People do not have an alternative ideal. If one tells such a person, “Don’t be dishonest?” he says, “What should I be then, honest? Meaning poor and honest?” No, he can be who he is, be well off, do what he wants, but he must give; he must work in enlightened self-interest.

Take a simple case of a community that builds a nice residential colony over a few decades. It protects the colony very deeply, cares for it, and retains its beauty & pristineness as an area. Over time, people from some other rich communities begin to reside there, and build new buildings. These new entrants, mostly, only take from the colony without contributing by taking part in the local affairs, and finding out how anything can be improved. They only want to live in that area and reap its benefits, without caring to give anything in return. In just a few years, one finds the colony is a wreck. Why? In the original community there was sustainability model in place, which is now gone!

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