The educational institution is the birthplace of a contributive society

‘Effective action’ without ‘human values’ can yield personal benefits for individuals, but lead to a long-term cost to both nation and society.

‘Human values’ without ‘effective action’ can lead to noble ideas, but may not result in real changes in the world around us.

What is needed is a combination of ‘effectiveness’ with ‘human values’. This combination is crystallized in the “contributor mindset”.

Students who adopt and develop the right mindsets early in their professional career are able to bring about a positive and sustainable change in their overall personality. They are able to grow the right approaches to their peers, seniors, industry, and their own future. They become more responsible to society at large, and capable of shaping their own lives.

Universities can play a very important role in developing and nurturing the right mindsets within their students (and thereby “create a pipeline of contributors”).

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