Institutions can now consciously develop contributors on a large scale

Building a contributor entails changes at three levels.

At the fundamental level, it requires the individual to re-examine his/her fundamental axioms of life. Example: What does success mean to me? What is my attitude to success and failure?

At the personal practice level, the individual has to adopt supporting practices. Example: Contributors practise “trust commitments” by setting clear expectations, and meeting them.

At the domain application level, the individual must visualize his/her contributions in various role contexts. Examples: contributor teacher, contributor salesman, etc.

This comprehensive vision of contributorship has been crystallized by Illumine – a knowledge enablement lab – into a rigorous and methodologically sound, scalable pedagogical model. The model has four pillars:

  1. A curriculum framework which has translated the contributor vision into 48 specific “thinking shifts”
  2. A learning methodology that enables “discovery learning” in large classroom scenarios, across multiple teachers / cultural contexts
  3. A digital platform that enables scaling of rich-content based “vision discovery” to large number of students, each at their own pace
  4. A delivery audit framework that enables systematic intervention management, and integrity of effectiveness of delivery

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