i-become ‘Delivery Models’ and ‘Enablement Packages’ support universities to seamlessly embed the contributor ideal on a large scale

The i-become University Intervention is Contributor Initiative for university students (Collaborative Delivery Model)

We have developed a unique Enablement Package for each of the above models. The Enablement Package gives a university the capability to deliver the Contributor Initiative across the university on a systematic and sustainable basis. This means –

  1. Vision Sharing with the university / college level leadership
  2. Capacity-building of faculty for the program
  3. Structured Classroom Support Programs for students
  4. Study packs for students
  5. Examination and Ongoing Assessment Frameworks
  6. Continuous Online Mentoring Support for faculty and students

To achieve these enablement goals, a range of engagement media such as a digital platform, Online Contributor Classroom, Mobile support, Social Media, and online libraries using downloadable content are used.

Each Enablement Package enables the university to seamlessly adopt the Contributor Initiative, and scale it quickly across large numbers of students.

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