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A ‘static” thinking practice is to think in terms of “be, do and have” – What do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I want to have?

A ‘dynamic’ practice is to think in terms of – what is my “role” and what is my “contribution in that role”.


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To bring about contribution thinking, the first and most important thing is to bring about visibility.

Visibility is a more contexted version of vision sharing. Vision sharing is strategy level work, but in the day to day warp and weft of one’s action what one needs is not vision but visibility – i.e. the link […]

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The scope of Contribution is endless.

We may begin with a simple contribution where we help somebody accomplish their immediate goal, but we may build from there to create contributions that support thousands of people and change their lives in very deep ways.

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Take the example of a career development pathway of a project manager – he joins as a project manager, he has a team gets them together and gets it delivered.

After 5 years he is still a project manager.
He doesn’t have the capabilities to do development, or to do sales.

But does he […]

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Industry itself does not provide graduates with a vision for their life.

Twenty years ago, an earlier generation pretty much knew what they were going to do with themselves – that they are going to join a particular company and they are going to spend the next twenty years there.

Today when people join IT, […]

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