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‘Becoming’ generates hope, possibilities, competence.
Becoming is a space of aspiration and not a space of desperation.

We have to see for ourselves what becoming means.
We have to perceive what the full scope of the word becoming is.
Then everything will change..

Do I want to become?

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Career Design is about freedom.
Freedom to choose the right for growth.
Freedom to fulfill one’s dreams.
Freedom to be oneself.

This freedom is not easily obtained.

To attain this freedom a student has to go far beyond aptitude tests and lists of colleges and Universities.

To attain this freedom, an individual […]

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From an individual perspective, the individual has to shift from an “acquisition mode” (of thinking in terms of acquiring some skills, acquiring a job, acquiring some degree, acquiring money, etc.) to “becoming”.

When you are “acquiring” you remain at the level of transaction and money in a job. But when you “become” you will become […]

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