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‘Be-do-have’ is a framework that people commonly use to measure their life.

Mostly people operate from either a ‘doing’ identity, or ‘having’ identity; i.e.I am good because I have this job. ‘Doing’ identity is I am good because I do this work. However these identities lock you up. If my identity is in ‘have’ then I get locked […]

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A ‘static” thinking practice is to think in terms of “be, do and have” – What do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I want to have?

A ‘dynamic’ practice is to think in terms of – what is my “role” and what is my “contribution in that role”.


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From an individual perspective, the individual has to shift from an “acquisition mode” (of thinking in terms of acquiring some skills, acquiring a job, acquiring some degree, acquiring money, etc.) to “becoming”.

When you are “acquiring” you remain at the level of transaction and money in a job. But when you “become” you will become […]

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