Even prior to roles, expectations, structure, resource and so many other aspects at so many levels, the fundamental question seems to be whether contribution is visible to me or not. Can I see what contribution means? Am I experiencing that state? And is it possible, that in a startup when I come in, contribution is visible to me because the goals are visible to me? So, the central challenge seems to be a notion called visibility.

The structure of an organization comes in the way like a veil and does not let the individual see the goal or what he is here for.

There is no need to equate the notion of “one’s contribution being visible” with the notion of “purpose”. Purpose is something that binds a collective together, but contribution is what ‘I’ see of that purpose.

Visibility means having visibility of the challenges and the meaning sitting inside that job. It is like a big pot of honey which you are covering with a dark box and saying, “I own the box, I own the box”, when you can drink the honey everyday. The honey is the challenges; it is the thing that gives you a kick. Instead we put the box around it and say the box is what we are all about. The visibility is about helping everyone open the box. It means two parties definitely, the employees and the employer; the boss and the subordinate. And it is all about opening the box and drinking the honey inside