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Individuals seem to have two broad attitudes with which they come to their careers.

One is an ‘acquisitive attitude’ or the ‘acquisitive career mindset’, in which an individual believes that the whole objective of his career is ‘to receive’, ‘to get’ for whatever he is doing: “I have to get higher […]

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The central challenge that industries face is not so much knowledge or competencies in terms of skills, capacities, etc. Competencies are imparted quite well in our country, through the educational system. Alternatively, people are also able to develop the necessary skills or competencies on the job. So, that is not really where the […]

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There are some people who are ‘natural’ in what they do. There is nothing forced, nothing artificial, because their being is flowing into function.  For example, with Sachin Tendulkar: very often they say he is playing in ‘flow’. The word flow means that his ‘being is flowing into function’ (refer being […]

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There are three critical shifts that take place when we shift from ‘performing’ to ‘contributing’.

The first shift: “How I measure?”
In performance, one measures through ‘evaluation’; it is about ‘evaluating’ and ‘sifting’. In contribution, one measures through ‘evolution’; it is about ‘diagnosing’ and ‘evolving’. This allows […]

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To create Value is to create ‘human impact’, ‘functional impact’ and ‘larger impact’.

Consider the following scenarios:

First, suppose one creates only functional impact, (achieving results, at the cost of human beings), then ultimatley, one destroys value. This happens typically when people are only process-oriented/ function-oriented. They kill […]

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It is possible for me to fulfill my vision of success only by answering the question: “How do I get there?” The answer to this question is essentially my vision of career.

The current vision of career is always some form of external growth – whether […]

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Purpose may take on many forms. For example, on one hand, it may be in the form of a specific externally-driven outcome, such as a target in a company. On the other hand, it may be a very deep inner purpose, such as working for the good of society.

The deeper […]

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At the heart of contributorship, lies subservience to purpose.

For example, take the case of a person who may be very trustworthy, but cannot serve the purpose and act with integrity to that purpose in a way such that the purpose is greater than his/her ego. Such a […]

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Current reality of the job market

Issue 1:

Today if one takes a look at the job environment, in India, one notices that a large number of students are looking for jobs. Although there is a massive increase in the number of employment opportunities, especially in some sectors, […]

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What is the difference between ‘doing’ and ‘taking responsibility’? The work is the same. What happens differently?

When one takes on responsibility, a big shift takes place. The activity being the same, the vision of it changes.

In reality, there is a sense of responsibility at the core, and […]

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